Our Feature Products Review For October and Time for the Winter Woolly in November...

In the October Newsletter we promoted our Game Carriers, the single and double loops. Plus we introduced you to our amazing padded shoulder strap. We had a great response, not only through the website, but also on the Dog and Field Facebook Group. With you guys adding pictures with them being used. This was great to see and we thank you, as always, for all your support.       

November is the time for a good  Winter Woolly, and boy, we have some corkers for you.  Our popular Dog and Field, Toweling Coat, is in stock, we have our Super, Dog and Field 2-in-1 Waterproof Coat, and also now offer the Hotterdog Fleece Dog Jumper.  All are exceptional products, which we use regularly. They keep your dogs dry, warm and clean in the vehicle. Who can ask for more. Take a peek and let us know what you think.

Pepper's Turn... Crafty Cockers all the way!

In the last couple of weeks I have started training Pepper, an 18 month old Cocker Spaniel. Pepper is a late starter and although will never make a trialing dog she is showing enough promise to perhaps make a very smart little rough shooting dog one day. 

Out with my good friend Matt, Matt Ager Pet &Gundog, in the space of a week, she has gone from not being interested at all in retrieving, to now being fairly keen at hunting a tennis ball out and returning with it.  We have been mixing this up with a little steadiness work: although this is not key at this stage, as I am trying to gee her up and put a little drive into her. Pepper will be a challenge, she has been part of the family for sometime, however I am excited.

Training Snipe, my Labrador is very regimented with lots of straight lines and strict handling, to have Pepper as a little side project is going to be a lot of fun. 
I'm sure this could become a long and frustrating road for the both of us, ha! BUT I am going to p…

Recipe of the Month!

Love shooting duck & need a QUICK recipe to enjoy your evenings success... We did this on Sunday, delicious... Duck Pancakes.
Cut out the breasts, skin removed, cut into very slim slices, separate into 2 bowlsHeat up a drop of olive oil in a pan, add a good splash of 1 of the below sauces & throw in the 1st bowl of duck, these will be your cooked through duck slicesKeep the duck on the move, if it's getting too hot add more sauce, to keep the duck moistBuy a hoisin sauce (traditionally used) or the plum sauce (we find this so yummy to actually cook the duck in, so try it you might like it)Add your 2nd bowl of duck and 2 more teaspoons of sauce, the first bowl of duck will be browned, the 2nd bowl will be a more tender option, only cook for a further 2 mins and remove pan I feel this makes a nice combo while eating together in the wrapLet it rest in the sauce off the heat, for 20 minsCut 1 bunch of spring onions into matchsticks½ cucumber halved, seeds removed and cut into m…

We Are Winners!

We are very proud to have picked up the award for Best Gundog Training Equipment Supplier of the Year in the 2017 Northern Ireland Business Awards.

We have such a great customer base in Ireland with many of them becoming friends over the years through different events that we have been over for. Thank you to each and every one of you for your continued support. We are over the moon.
A Good Day Out On My Retriever Training Day in Norfolk... 

September 28th, 2017

Bacon roll in hand and we were off to Hargham Shoot Retriever Training. It was a slightly wet start, however by the end of the day the sun was shining and Snipe and I had had a fantastic day.

We started with walked up partridge in the sugar beet. Never easy, with the noise of the beet whistling in Snipe's ears, however I was confident he would get his head down and I am pleased to say he did. I was chuffed.

His first 3 retrieves were clean and for a 14 month old dog and only his 2nd time out on game, for me, he was going well.

Then we had a slight wobble on his 4th retrieve when I had to call him back as he took the wrong line (or I sent him on the wrong path, I am never afraid to say its the handler and the dog on the training day, remember). So We realigned and off we went again, this time, mission accomplished! The retrieve was a success and it was time for lunch. Happy Days!

After lunch we finished …

Photo Shoot With Workingline Images

Although the launch of the Dog & Field brand of dog food happened back in May I have only just gotten around to writing a post about it so apologies about that....

The process of setting the dog food range was an exciting one and albeit sometimes frustrating and hard work, the prospect of such a project was never going to put me off. One of the most fun aspects of the entire process was the photo shoot for the bag label designs and advertising literature.

A trip to spend a morning with the talented Caroline at Workingline Images was planned and when that morning came it saw a dank and wet start to the day. We decided to go ahead as planned and although the outside shots may not have been possible, Caroline has a lovely hay loft which suited nicely for what we were trying to achieve.

I arrived at Workinghline HQ and was greeted by Caroline and the offer of a much needed cup of coffee whilst we pondered over what it was we wanted to achieve. A friend of Caroline's was also on h…